“Understanding Bible Prophecy” 

There is a feeling that we have reached a critical mass. But the Bible has predicted these days and God has given us very clear signs regarding this time. “Understanding Bible Prophecy” unlocks the mysteries and dispels the myths.

What is Biblical Prophecy? Simply put, it is history foretold before it happens. God uses prophecy to REVEAL events to occur in the future and to warn man to repent and change his ways. The Bible is the only book ever written that can demonstrate its supernatural inspiration.

This course will cover many of the concepts and keys critical to understanding the roughly two-thirds of the Bible that are related to prophecy and will help you to unlock the mysteries and dispels the myths.



  • First Apostolic Church of Modesto
  • 917 Sonora Avenue
  • Modesto, Ca 95351


  • 9 AM – 3 PM