Administration and Staff

Apostolic Assembly, Department Christian Education 

The Northern Golden Valley District Apstolic Bible College is a satellite Campus of the Apostolic Assembly of the Faith in Christ Jesus, Christian Education Department under the leadership of Bishop Armando Tamez.  The first time in New Testament scripture that we see a command of education, is found in the Great Commission. Jesus commands His disciples to go and make disciples of all nations. This command involves recruiting disciples and teaching them all that Jesus had taught and spoken. The International Apostolic Bible College exists to equip the church. 

Bishop Armando Tamez

Dr. Janae Quezada, Dean

Northern Golden Valley District Campus Administration

Bishop Abner Arias

Northern Golden Valley District

NGVD Pastoral Teaching Staff

Bishop Martin T. Amador
Bachelor’s Degree – California State University Stanislaus
Master’s Degree – California State University Stanislaus

Pastor Steven Sanabria
Bachelor’s Degree,
California State University, Sacramento

Pastor Roy Bravo
Bachelor’s Degree – Western Apostolic Bible College

Elder Ignacio Gil
Bachelor’s Degree – CBAN
Master’s Degree – CBAN Bible College
Doctor’s Degree – Logos Bible College

Pastor Joel Rocha
Bachelor’s Degree – International Apostolic Bible College
Bachelor’s Degree – Sacramento State University

Elder Efraín Amaya
Centro Bíblico Apostólico
Bachelor’s Degree – CBA

Pastor  Javier Corral
Bachelor’s Degree – CBAI

Pastor Ruben Facio
Bachelor’s Degree – CBAI

NGVD Minsterial Teaching Staff

Secretary Pete Mata Jr.
Bachelor’s Degree – CBAI

Director Daniel Ortiz
Bachelor’s Degree – San Jose State University
California Teaching Credential

Minister Elmer Jobany Boteo  (Nevada)
Bachelor’s Degree – CBAI

Minister Ed Montez
Bachelor’s Degree
California State University Stanislaus

Minister Daniel Zamora  (Nevada)
Bachelor’s Degree – CBAI